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saumitra_chatterjeeSaumitra Chatterjee is one of the most talented actors and probably the most acknowledged one internationally from Bengal. The later is due to his appearance in many of Satyajit Ray's movies. He is to the films of Satyajit Ray what Toshiro Mifune was to the films of Akira Kurosawa or Marcello Mastroianni to Federico Fellini. Saumitra appeared in 15 of the 34 films made by Ray.

Born in 1935, Saumitra graduated from Calcutta University with honors in literature. First appeared in film in 1959. It was 'Apu-r Sansar'(The World of Apu), the final film of Satyajit Ray's 'Apu Trilogy'. Saumitra acted in the role of a young man 'Apu' who experiences the turmoils of life. His work in this film gave him a distinct place in the heart of Bengali cine goers. This place was even more firmed when he portrayed the ever popular character of 'Feluda' in Ray's thriller 'Sonar Kella' in the seventies. Ray made three films based on the works of Tagore and incidentally Saumitra acted in all of them - 'Charulata', 'Samapti' (in 'Teen Kanya') and 'Ghare Baire'. Apart from Ray, he acted with other prominent film directors such as Mrinal Sen, Tapan Sinha etc. Saumitra displayed same level of excellence in regular commercial films as well as in parallel movies.

Other than film, Saumitra acts, writes and directs plays in Bengali theatre. Acted with legendary stage personalities like Sisir Kumar Bhaduri in the early days (role of 'Suresh' in 'Prafulla'). Saumitra reads and writes poetry and has a distinct place in the arena of Bengali poetry recitation. He also acts for television and in folk dramas ('jatra's).

Saumitra received the 'The Officier des Arts et Metiers', the highest award for arts from France, lifetime achievement award from Italy. He is probably the only Indian actor to have a full-length documentary devoted to him by any Westerner - French director Catherine Berge made a documentary film titled 'Tree' on his life. He refused 'Padmasree' from India Govt. in the seventies. Recently he was awarded with 'Padma Bhusan' by President of India. But the best award for him is probably the love and the legendary place in the heart of film lovers.

Year Film Dir
1959 Apur Sangsar Satyajit Ray
1960 Debi Satyajit Ray
1960 Khudhito Pashan Tapan Sinha
1961 Teen Kanya Satyajit Ray
1961 Punascha Mrinal Sen
1961 Jhinder Bandi Tapan Sinha
1962 Abhijan Satyajit Ray
1962 Atal Jwaler Ahobhan Ajay Kar
1963 Saat Paake Badha Ajay Kar
1964 Charulata Satyajit Ray
1964 Kinu Gowalar Gali
1965 Akash Kusum Mrinal Sen
1965 Kapurush Satyajit Ray
1965 Ektuku Basa Tarun Majumdar
1966 Monihar
1966 Kaanch Kata Hirey Ajay Kar
1966 Joradighir Chaudhuri Paribar
1967 Prastar Saakkhar Salil Dutta
1968 Baghini
1969 Tin Bhubaner Paare
1969 Parineeta Ajay Kar
1969 Chena Achena
1970 Aranyer Dinratri Satyajit Ray
1970 Pratham Kadam Phool
1970 Aprichitaa
1972 Stree Salil Dutta
1972 Jiban Saikate
1973 Ashani Sanket Satyajit Ray
1973 Basanta Bilap
1974 Sonar Kella Satyajit Ray
1975 Sangsar Simante
1976 Datta
1977 Mantramugdha
1978 Pranay Pasha
1979 Joy Baba Felunath Satyajit Ray
1979 Debdas
1979 Ganadevota Tarun Majumdar
1980 Hirak Rajar Deshe Satyajit Ray
1980 Darpachurna
1981 Pratisodh
1981 Nyay Anyay
1981 Father
1983 Agradani
1983 Indira
1984 Amargeeti Tarun Majumdar
1985 Ghare Baire Satyajit Ray
1986 Koni Saroj Dey
1986 Shyam Saheb Salil Dutta
1986 Atanka Tapan Sinha
1988 La Nuit Bengali Nicholas Klotz
1990 Ganashatru Satyajit Ray
1992 Sakha Prosakha Satyajit Ray
1992 Mahaprithibi Mrinal Sen
1994 Uttaran Sandip Ray
1994 Wheel Chair Tapan Sinha
1994 Sopan Ajay Banerjee
1998 Aatmio Swajan Raja Sen
1999 Asukh Rituparno Ghosh
2000 Paramitar Ekdin Aparna Sen
2001 Dekha Gautam Ghosh
2002 Saanjhbaatir Rupkathara Anjan Das
2003 Abar Aranye Gautam Ghosh
2003 Patalghar Abhijit Choudhury
2005 Faltu Anjan Das
2005 Nishi Japon Sandip Ray

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